Update Martin Place siege: Hostages taken in Lindt Chocolate shop-Ends in tragedy

Aussie Criminals and Crooks

This is a very serious situation taking place live on TV. All sorts of reporting about who and why they have taken hostages…Lets hope the hostages get out alive- UPDATE Unfortunately that has not been the case. I personally think they needed to react much much earlier and take the asshole out.The dust will settle and all that will be analysed. My thoughts are really with the family and friends of hostages both dead and alive.

There are hundreds and hundreds of bouquets, it’s probably about 15 metres by 15 metres and growing rapidly… the thing that struck me is that these aren’t just random bouquets, people have gone to the effort of writing personal notes to the families and to the victims.

ABC 702 reporter John Donegan

sad update this morning, he also made hostages film this tape yesterday afternoon causing great anguish and stress, as the hostages cannot understand…

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2 thoughts on “Update Martin Place siege: Hostages taken in Lindt Chocolate shop-Ends in tragedy

  1. Thanks FHMPPO, so much going wrong in this world. Sometimes you just need to explain how you feel to everyone. Just reading today’s newspaper makes me sad. Tanzanian national Charles Mihayo callously kills his 2 beautiful little girls to deny his former partner her children. His life sentence will not bring them back, but he seems satisfied he has inflicted a life sentence on the girls mother, and can now look forward to a life of no responsibility while the state looks after him in prison. I don’t know the conditions he might have to survive under in jail. I hope they are treacherous. Outpouring of grief over the deaths of innocents as a result of the Martin Place siege, numerous sex offenders wandering around freely trying to justify their actions , corrupt coppers, war crimes and the destruction of innocent lives on a scale we will never understand in Australia. Lets hope the coming year end break is a time of reflection and healing for people everywhere. But sadly, criminals and idiots never take a break.


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